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SkyBound Trampolines: Reviews of Stratos USA & Other Brands 2023

There is something in a name. When you want to obtain a trampoline that will serve you best; there is the need to look into the credibility of the company before you fall for the sales content that you will find on their web pages. After an objective analysis, one can say that SkyBound trampoline is a name that you can trust. We shall be taking a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the various models with a view to showing you the best that is good for you in 2019.

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Best SkyBound Trampolines Comparison Table

Best SkyBound Trampolines Reviews

#1. The SkyBound Trampoline Stratos Model

If you what you desired is an amazing bounce without attendant issues, then you will get your expectations met through SkyBound Stratos. It has a UV high-density enclosure that ensures the safety of the kid while having fun on this model. Your kids will be prevented from colliding with the foam padded safety enclosure poles. The steel pole is fully powder coated to ensure that this model lasts you through the distance.

With a budget range of between $699.00 – $1,197.00 you will be a proud owner of this model. This is a very solid model that you can trust; the warranty on this model is an industry leading 10 year period. This model is now available in 12, 14- and 15-foot models. Just determine the ideal your ideal length and go for it and you will get a performance that your kids will love. Extra safety measures were put into the manufacture of this brand, so you have nothing to worry about on safety of the kids while on the trampoline. The manual is such that you can easily decode; no issues while you are trying to assemble the component parts of the model; easily done within minutes.

skybound trampolines


  • It has superior rust protection.
  • The safety of the kids is securely guaranteed on this model.
  • Very easily installed; the manual that comes with it has an easy user interface that ensures that you get along with the process of assembling as well as decoupling the model; this model will not waste your time.


  • The price on it is too high when compared with the quality that it delivers.
  • The net which acts as protection can pull off with notice because it did not stay well connected with the poles.
  • The paintwork is very poor; a lot of improvements need to be put into the entire design.

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#2. The SkyBound Trampoline Orion Model

After going through the features of SkyBound Orion with an objective lens, one can safely say that this model comes with a combination of top of the line safety and performance. It is therefore highly recommended for those who desire a trampoline that will give them expected results to take a look in the direction of this model. This is one SkyBound trampoline that will wow you if the promises of the manufacturers are to be taken seriously as well as the square trampoline reviews from satisfied customers. You are going to get your money’s worth when you order for this model.

The springs that come with this model is structured in such a way that it will produce the ultimate bounce that will delight your kids. This model is designed to resist the weather throughout the year. There is a warranty that has you covered on this model. The springs that come with this model is 104 x 9″ extra thick; no matter the intensity of the bounce on it; the kids are safe on it. With a jumping surface height of 38″, you are safe with this model under review. The innovative safety features make this model safe for all.

skybound trampolines


  • It has top of the line safety and performance.
  • Can withstand the weather the year round.
  • The installation has a friendly user-interface; it is easily installed. The instructional manual is clear enough
  • The bonce and rebound technology of this model is one that the kids will fall in love with.


  • The packaging should be improved on so that issues that come with other models will not repeat itself with this model under review.
  • The customer service needs to be improved upon to give the customers relieve when they want to clarify issues that bother on their purchase.

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​#3. The SkyBound Trampoline Cirrus Model

If you have children that are very active and you are worried on how to choose the best SkyBound trampoline model that will best give them pleasure unlimited, then you can look in the direction of SkyBound Cirrus. According to its features, the kids will get a plush bounce from this model. In terms of the safety of the kids, there is no cause for worry because all issues concerning safety have been settled in the process of design and manufacture of this model. Stringent measures were taken in the lab to ensure that what comes out on the shelf is the best that you can rely on to give the best results as far as safety is concerned.

Taking a look at this model, you will get quality on your investment because the component parts are well protected from the weather. Without corrosion and rust of the steel parts, you are guaranteed excellent delivery from the parts that make up this device. This is one SkyBound trampoline that you can trust to deliver all that your kids will love. It will make a worthy addition to the brands that you already have in your home; the kids will love its performance.

skybound usa


  • It is ASTM certified safe for use.
  • High density concave net enclosure ensures that the kids are safe inside this trampoline.
  • It is easily assembled; can be done within the space of one hour.
  • The manual has a great user-interface with its easy to read instructions that makes things easy.


  • The frame of this model is lightweight; can easily give way.
  • The life span is short; it might not last you more than 6 months.
  • The parts are not strong enough. With continuous use, it will easily give way.
  • This is never a rugged model.

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#4. The SkyBound Trampoline Atmos Model

One of the topmost considerations is the space to contain the trampoline when you want to place your order. For the best quality for those that have a small space; SkyBound Atmos will be a perfect choice. This one model according to what we see from the features that are sturdy; it is designed to last for a long time. If you have active kids from ages 4 and above, you will get something that will their hearts through this model. The components are made from high-quality materials and they will be last the kids all through the distance.

You can use this model of SkyBound USA on any surface. It comes with a technology that ensures that the stability of the concept is balanced no matter the surface that you placed it on. While it is pivoting and rotating on any surface, you can be sure of the safety of the kids, no matter the terrain of use. From what one can see of this model; the component parts and its assembling has been tested in the lab and was certified OK having passed the ASTM safety requirements. You can trust this model to deliver when you place your order.

skybound trampoline


  • It is ASTM safety certified for use; no issues on the safety of this model.
  • The 8-foot-wide galvanized frame ensures all-round use; it can withstand the weather all year round.
  • It has UV concave safety nets to protect the kids from any form of danger while bouncing on the model.


  • Some of the boxes come without instructions; it can be frustrating.
  • The size is too small; only adequate for 2-3 kids.
  • Some parts are missing in the box; the packaging should be worked on.
  • The customer care is not up and doing; when you have issues, speedy resolution can be hellish.

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#5. The SkyBound Trampoline Mini Model

When you go online for the purchase of your trampoline, you will get to see many models under the brand SkyBound; one of such is SkyBound Stratos trampoline. Our focus will be on SkyBound Mini which comes in two fun designs targeted at giving the best in creativity and imagination. Having taken a careful look at the features, it will be safe to recommend this model for parents that are in search of a brand that will give the kids fun and a safe play environment for the kids.

One of the reasons why accidents occur on the SkyBound trampolinemat is the slippery nature of the floor of the mat. The rubber feet technology of this model will prevent slippage on the mat. If your floor is not carpeted; you can sure that there will be no scuffing on the floor. The kids are protected from any form of injury from the steel frames that are protected with thick premium PVC pads. The handlebars are padded and it extends inwards thereby ensuring the stability of this model. The foam pads made from thick PVC ensures that the handlebars are secure and it promotes fun and safety.

skybound trampolines


  • The rubber feet technology guards against accidents caused by slippage.
  • Steel frame parts are adequately protected through the involvement of thick premium PVC pad.
  • The two designs bring creativity and imaginations delivered together.
  • This model delivers the stability that the kids will need while bouncing on the model.


  • It has a difficult user-interface.
  • The component parts inside the box come in too many pieces that can easily confuse people during the process of installation.
  • Some of the component parts come in damaged. There is a need to work on the packaging system.
  • The springs in most cases cannot be stretched during the assembling process.

#6. The SkyBound Trampoline Super 7 Model

The major concern of most parents is on the safety of the trampoline that they want to order for their kids. When l was in that shoe, l took time to conduct thorough research into all the available models and placed each of them on the order of merit before l made my final choice that will be good for my kid. Taking a look at the options available among SkyBound trampolines, one can say basically on the merit of it that SkyBound Super 7 is one model that you can trust to deliver the great dividends in a quality trampoline.

There is a safety enclosure that will ensure that no harm befalls any kid while having fun inside this model. The height of bounce is decent; the kids will love what is on offer through this technology. All the safety indices for the kids, as well as the floor, are perfectly in order. It has passed through stringent tests to ensure a quality outcome that will give real value on your investment on this model. If you are out for one of the best SkyBound USA concepts, you will meet expectations in this model. It is very user-friendly; the kids will love it.

skybound trampolines


  • It is easy to set up; a complete trampoline that includes a safety enclosure net.
  • Delivers hours of non-stop fun for the kids.
  • The springs are reliable; the mesh netting is of the highest quality that you can ever think of.
  • Leg shells help prevent damage to all types of floors.


  • Some of the components meant for indoor use come in greasy. There is difficulty in fixing the parts in such boxes.
  • The smell of delivery might be awful.
  • There might be issues with the T-wrench.
  • The springs are too tight.
  • Plastic tools are not ideal to attach springs to the frame.

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Are SkyBound Trampolines A Good Buy?

This is a question that every parent will ask because of the backdrop of avoidable accidents that happen when the kids are bouncing on the trampoline. If an objective and the fair answer is to give to this question, one can safely say that the brand SkyBound Trampolines can be trusted to deliver a quality that will give you peace of mind.

Having taken a look of the performances of the models from other brands and the records of all the models that come from this manufacturer, it is safe to say that you will get the expected quality from any of the models that this brand brings to their online store. You will get a concept from them that will last you through the distance. They have excellent stuff that will serve you both indoors and outdoors trampoline. The observations given here are based purely on the merit of their performances.

Are SkyBound Trampolines Safe?

Safety should be the number parameter in the choice of any brand of a trampoline. The Skybound’s Trampolines models that you see online have gone through a series of tests before any of their models make it to their online store. A lot of versatility went into the manufacture of any of the models; added to that, an advanced technology according to findings was employed during the process of manufacture. No stone was left unturned on the road to give a model that will not cause issues when the kids are bouncing on them. All the models here are reliable; they are safe.

Do SkyBound Trampolines Come With A Warranty?

There is a warranty on any brand that you order for online in all the models of SkyBound’s Trampolines that you will see online. There are several models, and the warranty period differs from one model to the other. The least warranty that you will get on any of their models is 6 months; the highest is one year. If you are to claim your warranty, then you must follow their terms and agreement. Here is what is expected of you:

You will be responsible for all freights and handling charges from your end and back to your end.

Sufficient proof of purchase (photocopy of the original store receipt, indicating the date of purchase) will be required at the corporate headquarters before your claims can be attended to.

Any warranty claim is to be pre-authorized by a SkyBound agent; a case number will be given to back it up.

The above are the expectations from the manufacturers from your end before you can put forward a valid warranty claim on any model that you ordered for. It should be noted that the warranty does not cover all. You will be given the areas that the warranty will cover.

What Is The Weight Limit Of SkyBound Trampolines?

The weight limit is dependent on the model that you purchased. The least is a smaller model, the Atmos with a weight limit of 175 lbs. Talking about the heavyweight in this category, the Stratos has a weight of 330 lbs. It is left for every buyer to look into the weight of any model before you finally place your order because it will determine the performance. When you do not exceed the weight limit, you are not likely to face issues with any of the models that you will see on the online store.

Things That You Need To Know About SkyBound Trampolines

The fear of accidents, while the kid is bouncing on his trampoline, is the beginning of wisdom for many parents. As a kid l was very much in love with the trampoline. When the kids started coming, l wanted them to have a feel of what l enjoyed as their father when l was young and l have to do a lot of research before landing a model that l felt has the features to have my kids well protected from injuries. My research findings established the fact that SkyBound’s Trampolines is a model that you can trust.

In terms of safety, they rate very high above their contemporaries in the market. A lot of fine-tuning was done before any of the models reaches the store. Safety is the number parameter in any of the models that catch your fancy from their stable. The best technology that is presently on offer has gone into the manufacture of all the models. They come with a realistic warranty of at least six months to one year depending on the model that you chose to order for. With SkyBound’s Trampolines, your kid is not only safe; they are secure.

Does It Include A Cover? 

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this model is the inclusion of a very high trampoline enclosure net that will guarantee the safety of your kid no matter the height of their bounce on the trampoline. You can be assured that your kids will not stray off the safety zone of this trampoline.

Can You Keep It Outside During Winter? 

Durability is another factor going on well for SkyBound Trampoline. It is built very strong and sturdy and can easily withstand the effects of the weather during winter because this model is galvanized and coated to prevent rust. With any of the models, the fear of moist is out of the question.

Everybody wants his trampoline to last him for as long as it is possible, you will get that from this model going by the efforts that the manufacturers had put into its design. Water is never a barrier and cannot affect any of the models of SkyBound Trampoline.

Is It Necessary To Anchor It?

A lot has been done from the lab in terms of adequate research before any of this model hits the shelf. The models come with a variety of user-friendliness targeted at giving the kids really fun. There are models that do not need the luxury of anchoring.

Comparison Between SkyBound And Other Brands

SkyBound vs Acon

Give it to the two models, they all have their strong points. A lot has gone into the manufacture of each of the models to guarantee the safety of those that want to make use of them. For Acon, one thing is sure, the legs are built very sturdily. No matter the height/magnitude of the bounce on it; you are sure of this model sustaining your weight. However, there is a limit to how far you can go because this model does not have a net that is meant to protect the kids while they are bouncing on the model. Further, the kids cannot take a back flip on the Acon model.

The SkyBound comes with the technology of netting and a trampoline cover for winter. When on it outdoors, you are well protected from insect bites. With the structure, the kids can take as many back flips as they desired without any form of risk. In terms of safety, this model has an edge over Acon.

Looking at the area of cost, give it to Acon because you will spend less to obtain a model from them. But objectively put, if you desire something that is safe and will give you peace of mind when the kids are on it; SkyBound has the edge here.

SkyBound vs Skywalker

Considering the first three letters of the two models under review, you will be tempted to say that there is no difference between the two. Actually, they have several things in common after taking an objective look into the features that come with each of the models. But since both are from differing technologies; a closer look at the model shows that there are marked differences between the two technologies.

If you are a fan of different shapes and colors in a trampoline; then your choice should be Skywalker. They offer more for those that are after sophisticated; eye-catching and colorful models. Talking about safety nets, Skywalker trampoline offers it in all their models; with SkyBound, you will only see the safety netting in some and not all the models.

However, when it comes to weight limits which are very crucial in this notch, the SkyBound trampoline clearly has an edge here. If you are looking for a big model that has the capacity to carry a heavy mass of people at a time, your choice should be in the direction of the former. You will not have issues with it. Simply look at the ratings of trampoline, you will get the ideal weight costume made for you.

SkyBound vs Springfree

When we talk about the index of safety, the Springfree trampoline has an edge over SkyBound. Talking about the technology involved in the construction of the two models, the former is made from very thick and strong springs which will deliver a higher bounce when the kids are on the trampoline. On the other hand, the later has very small springs. Another area of difference is the bounce that they produce. With SkyBound trampoline, you can expect a higher bounce when compared to the other model under review. So if the bounce is your number one priority, then you know where to go to.

Entering through the entrance of the SkyBound can prove a little difficulty with the frequency of people coming in and out. The issue can easily be resolved, replacement parts are easy to come by. Another great advantage over Springfree is the construction of the model. If you desire a solid performer 24/7, then you must not look beyond this model. You are covered by the warranty on some of the parts if issues occur along the line within 6-12 months depending on the model you purchased and if you are able to give solid proof of purchase.

SkyBound vs Propel

Looking at the two models according to the features that come with them, if your kids want a model that will literarily transport them into the air, then they can look in the direction of the Propel trampoline model. Watching kids on the model getting lifted high into the sky will be a delight for every kid out there. There is guaranty on the safety of the kids while on any of the models that they have on offer; so if you do not mind the risk of your child taken to the highest peak and somersaulting on a trampoline, you can place your order for the model.

On the other hand, SkyBound is a great performer but you will not get the amount of lift into the air when compared to its competitor brand under review together. But one thing is sure, you will get good quality on any model you buy for your money. The models here are sturdy and safety is a very high parameter in the manufacture of any of the models. The technology involved is the latest that you can think of, at least for now. The two models make a good buy, the features should sway your decision.

SkyBound vs Vuly Models

If your kid is a newbie and wants a best trampoline to buy that just works, then it is recommended that you go for the Vuly trampoline. If you desire something more fashionable; then you have to research among the models because some of them are more upscale than the other. The bounce from it is fairly good; the inclusion of safety pads ensures that your kids are well protected while having fun on this trampoline.

Talking about the SkyBound models, the manufacturers pride themselves with a mark of distinction. Their trampolines are easy to assemble and rave reviews shows that they are solid performers when you get hold of any of the models. Safety is guaranteed with any of their models on offer; you can trust that they have involved the best technology in the manufacture of any of the models that are in their online store.

Comparing the two together, if you desire a pocket-friendly model, then you are advised to go for SkyBound; because it is the cheaper of the two brands under review. Quality is guaranteed with the two models, but if you have a low budget, the place to be to get quality is with SkyBound.

Final Comment 

Having gone through six of the top models and displayed their advantages as well as their disadvantages; our take is that you should go for the SkyBound Orion. With it according to the features, you will get top performance from it and the safety index is on the high side of the divide. The kids will enjoy their bounce on it because the springs will produce the ultimate bounce that will gladden the hearts of the kids. The warranty on it is decent; overall, you can be sure of a solid performance from this model as well as a solid structure that which will wow the kids.

Final Words

The SkyBound trampoline has what it takes to deliver nonstop entertainment to the kids. They left no stone unturned in their desire to give us a quality that we can all be proud of. Picking up the quality from them will give you the expected peace of mind when your kids are on the trampoline.

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