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How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Trampoline

Due to our daily hectic schedule, it has become quite impossible to participate or indulge in any kind of extracurricular activities, be it for any age group. Today, the children are also engulfed with so much competition that educational pressures prevent them from going out and have a gala time in the park. So, how about adding a superb fun element at your home itself? Sounds quite interesting right?

As you guessed, we are speaking about the effective workout and fun product named trampoline, which is the same beneficial as running or any workout, but more fun and easier. They burn a similar amount of calories as a 10 minute mile jog or run as revealed by a recent study. So if you are a lazy one who absolutely hates working out or want to bid farewell to the strict routine of gym, then believe us, a best trampolines is probably the best option for you. Besides the big backyard trampolines that tend to lead to various injuries or even accommodates a major part of your residence, opting for mini trampolines designed especially for fitness are a wise choice. They are specifically available for homes, gyms or workout studios. The trampolines can prove to be your best friends by providing you an ample amount of health benefits such as increasing the blood circulation, improving the body balance and coordination strengthening bone density and generating cardiovascular fitness. So, adopting a trampoline for your kids will not fail to be fruitful for you.

Risks Of Trampolining

Nevertheless, we are aware of the fear that most parents bear about the injuries initiated by a trampoline and hence, most of you probably reject the demands of your kids regarding trampolines. We agree that trampoline jumping poses high risk or injury not only for children, but also for elders. The exercise and jumping on the trampoline may lead to sprains and fractures and also back and neck damages, if carried out carelessly. Due to such various unfortunate incidents associated with trampoline jumping, the American Academy of Pediatrics had strictly discouraged the usage of trampolines at homes. It is bound to be a shock for the readers that between the years 2002-2011, trampoline injuries heightened to more than a million. So yes, whether kids are properly supervised or not, the risk for significant accidents by trampoline exercises can be experienced.

Safest Trampolines In The Market

However with the advanced machinery and keeping in mind, the fatal injuries led by trampolines, few companies are undoubtedly ruling the market with their safe features. If we are asked about the safest trampolines trending in the market, we will definitely shortlist the following names- Skywalker trampoline, SkyBound Atmos 8 ft trampoline with safe enclosure net, Ancheer mini rebounder trampoline specifically designed for small kids with special safety measures and Bounce Pro 12 ft trampolines. They are firm and sturdy with superbly designed enclosures so that you can trust them and have a carefree workout session for your little munchkins.

Health Benefits Of Trampoline

As a parent, the health of your kids must be your primary concern and that can be easily solved by the funny activities on a trampoline. According to Applied Psychology, spending an hour on a trampoline helps burn calories similar to that of jogging. So if your child is not getting the time for outdoor exercises, do not worry as the trampoline in your backyard promises to perform the needful for you. Rebounding on a trampoline also helps to generate the lymphatic system by eradicating the unwanted toxins from your body, thus detoxicating us. Ever thought that a fun activity like jumping on a trampoline can lead to strong muscles and better blood circulation? Yes, you read it right. trampoline exercises help in stimulating the thyroid gland and also eliminate cellulite. The best part is, all these benefits may sound like providing additional stress on your children’s delicate feet, which is a complete wrong assumption. Jumping on a trampoline helps to produce the G force and thus, one will never feel any pressure or tiredness even after spending prolonged time on the trampoline.

Trampolines Also Help You Psychologically

The most fantastic part is, trampoline contributes much to our mental health, thus establishing our psychological stability. You have never thought that spending some time on the trampoline can encourage and help your child to improve in his academic spheres as a simple trampoline stimulates dopamine, the chemical messenger to our brain. Regular activity on the trampoline also helps our endorphins to reside at a stable level, thus lightening our mood and health. You will be relieved to see your kid doze off to sound sleep after enjoying on the backyard trampoline as exercising on it, burns off the energy and improves our sleep patterns which also directly connects to a healthy lifestyle.

Skills You Can Learn By Trampolining

With the rising popularity of a trampoline, we are becoming aware of its benefits and danger. So next time, your toddler demands a trampoline for your residence, keep in mind the various skills that it offers. While jumping on a trampoline, one of the most fundamental skills is to control the body to a high degree. From straight jump to straddle jump, using the trampoline in a proper way helps the children to master several skills that prevent them from certain injuries. So, think twice before rejecting the choice of opting for a trampoline for your child, as you never know, through which fitness goals it may lead him or her.

Safety Features For Using A Trampoline

Though nothing can completely bar the chances of trampoline injury, these few features will help your child to be safeguarded while enjoying his session of trampolining- the spring free trampoline protection is absolutely necessary as it helps a trampoline to be firm while a traditional one also offers a metallic frame along with a safety enclosure in the form of net. This prevents us from falling out from the trampoline. Apart from this, there are mat or pad composition, pole padding and other minute details that have to be noted down while all parents purchase the jumping jacks for their little ones.

The Trampoline That Fits Your Yard Perfectly

We hope that you are already a convinced parent by now and probably thinking of that particular trampoline which will suit your yard without taking up much space. After scouring the market, the one that attracted our glance is the Skywalker 15 ft rectangle gymnast trampoline which is not only spacious and safe for your kids, but it's rectangle shape invites multiple jumpers. Its high quality and safety features will definitely give you a reason to make it a décor of your yard.

So, a trampoline is a fitness in disguise which enables your children to achieve some major benefits, both physically and psychologically and that too, with so much fun. Seeing them happy and indulged in a healthy session of fun will definitely relax you.
Happy jumping!